Shenema International Istanbul Short Film Platform, whose applications will start on 7 October 2019 and will be held between 04-05-06 March 2020. The main subject of the Platform is ‘’Woman’’ and the theme will change every year.

The main objective is to draw attention to the problems experienced in a social life where gender equality is ensured and guaranteed, and to highlight possible solutions and to create public opinion about the solution. Shenema wishes to realize this vision with the support of the cinema sector and advertising sector, where visual perception is more important today.

With this vision, Shenema International Istanbul Short Film Platform wants to draw attention to increase the opportunities of the short film production, make the short film production an industry and the importance of supporting films starting from the idea stage.

The theme of the Short Film Project Competition of the Shenema International Istanbul Short Film Platform this year is “Prejudices”.

Besides the Shenema International Istanbul Short Film Project Competition, 2 Minutes Ready Video Competition applications and scholarship applications for PhD students preparing or will prepare a PhD thesis on “Women” can be made on the platform between 07 October 2019–21 December 2019.




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